Stuff I Dig: January



L’oreal BB cream (the BB stands for ‘Beauty Balm’). My mom gave some to my sister and I at Christmas and we fell in love! Let me start by saying, I don’t wear foundation. I hate feeling like I’m wearing cake frosting on my face all day. Normally I only wear eye makeup and a little blush, but this stuff is different! It’s smooth and light like moisturizer, but it covers SO well! No more cake frosting! This stuff is great!


Just bought this dress (along with 2 others and a pair of rockin heels!) from It’s been 80 degrees here for the past two days (no joke!), so my mind has been filled with thoughts of lovely Spring weather, cookouts, sunshine, and pretty blue dresses!


I loooove my Kiehl’s hand lotion. Every winter, my hands and knuckles get so dry and cracked. This stuff is a miracle! It’s thick, but not greasy and keeps my hands so soft and moisturized. It’s a little pricey, but I’ve tried so many other brands of intense moisture lotions that don’t even come close to Kiehl’s. It’s worth every penny in my book.

plate_girl_body4 Awhile back, I saw this on pinterest and immediately pinned it for future reference. But I just kept thinking and thinking about it, and decided “meh-  future, shmuture!”, and bought a plate for Cassidy right then! I’m so happy I did, because it’s UH-DORABLE! (Cassidy’s looks just like the plate above, except with red hair) :)


Joel and I are in the process of building a play kitchen for Cassidy (omg, SO much fun!!), so naturally, we’ll need lots and lots of play food! This set is Melissa and Doug and I think it’s so cute! They also make a sushi kit that I think we’ll just have to have!


    My Favorite Baby Stuff…

    My sweet friend, Elizabeth, and her hubby Kyle are expecting their first baby this Spring. SUCH excitement!!! Being new parents is a scary thing on its own, but registering for the new baby can be just downright terrifying. Joel and I were so stressed as we walked up and down the vast aisles filled with baby crap as far as the eye could see. I totally almost had a panic attack in the middle of Babies R Us and ended up sprawled out on one of the display rockers with my eyes glazed over.  But naturally, since now, I am an expert in all things baby (ha! That’s a good one, Amy…), I have decided to share my wisdom with Kyle and Elizabeth. I’ve already emailed her with my list of really big items, like stroller, car seat, and stuff like that. So here, I’ll simply share my favorite goodies that make life with a baby just a tad easier.


    First up, my favorite bath and skin products- Noodle and Boo. I use the body wash and lotion, and let me tell you- if you want that soft, clean baby smell, this is the best. Of course I love the classic Johnson & Johnson scent, but this is even better. They even make a room spray so your nursery will smell baby fresh all the time! The lotion is super creamy and leaves baby’s skin so dreamy soft…I just love it. BTW, it’s available on amazon. Score!

    My Moby Wrap. So many of my friends have used these and raved about them, so we made sure to register for one. I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s basically just a really (really) long piece of cloth. However, I found a very helpful YouTube video that showed exactly how to put it on and use it. After that, it was a piece of cake. I could put that thing on in my sleep; in fact, I pretty much have many, many times! Baby wearing is something Joel and I definitely got on board with after Cassidy was born, and the Moby has been our best friend!

    Bright Stars Cozy Cart Cover. Because shopping carts are nasty.

    Kleynimals. Food-grade stainless steel “keys” for baby to play with and chew on. Because every baby in the world wants mommy’s keys. And when mommy has to take her keys away from baby- pandemonium. When I try to give Cassidy the little plastic keys with the cute buttons, she just looks at me like, “really, mom? Really??”. These jingle like keys, look like keys, and I’m guessing, taste like keys, minus the ickiness. Very cool.

    This is purely frivolous, but it’s a life saver. Munchkin Formula Mixer. The first time I tried using powdered formula, it leaked out of the bottle and flew everywhere when I tried to shake the bottle up, and I ended up with a lumpy, disgusting mess. I gave up right then and went back to pre-mixed. But let’s face it, those pre-mixed bottles of formula are much pricier. I had the “spending-too-much-for-pre-mixed-formula” blues, but then luckily found this little guy. It takes all the ickiness out of mixing formula. No lumps. I love it.

    A fuzzy blanket. Sure, you’ll have tons of receiving blankets and swaddling blankets, but every baby needs a warm, fuzzy blanket. Cassidy has a blue and green chenille one that she absolutely loves. Whenever I give it to her, she grabs it and immediately starts snuggling it. It’s really adorable.

    Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym. Cassidy absolutely loved this. It has bright lights, a mirror (a big hit with my baby), cute dangly animals, and fun, upbeat little songs. Plus, it’s adjustable to your baby’s growing stages. You can also use it for tummy time. We definitely got our money’s worth out of this toy.

    This one isn’t an item, but a really, really useful website- I have 3 giant boxes sitting in my house right now that I’ve ordered from them in just the last week and a half. I get diapers, bath stuff, food, and toys from them- free 2-day shipping on orders over $50- this is huge. I was totally out of a certain kind of baby food I like to keep on hand; I ordered tons of it, along with some diapers and nighttime bath and got it the very next day (with free shipping). I never had to leave the house, which is kind of a big deal nowadays. ;) My favorite part is, they’re always having sales, so I can get lots of things for 20-30% off! I’m hooked! I used to be all about Amazon, but I’m a girl all the way now!

    So there you have it; my faves. I hope this helps some of you moms-to-be out there! Especially Elizabeth! Don’t freak out about registering- it’s SO simple! Just have fun with it and relax! :)