Filling Your Baby’s Easter Basket…


Last Easter was relatively easy for us because Cassidy was still SO little and didn’t require much. We dressed her up all cute and cuddly (complete with a giant, pink bow), took her into church with us (which she slept right through), and took her to my in-laws for lunch (which she also slept through).

This Easter, I’m thinking, will go just a touch differently. In a good way! This Easter, we get to dye eggs and do Cassidy’s very first Easter basket! Yay! The Easter Bunny always visited our house when my sister and I were growing up. He’d usually bring us a chocolate bunny, Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, and those awful, sugary, marshmallowy, candy eggs (you know the ones I mean- they were oblong, white, chewy eggs coated in a sugary shell. Bleh! I never liked them, but somehow, my Easter basket would never have been the same without them). We’d also always get a cute little outfit or a book or crayons or some other fun little toy. The Easter Bunny always left awesome goodies for us! And now he’ll visit my house!

I’m sure when Cassidy’s older, she’ll get her fair share of candy and sweets, but this year will be a bit of a challenge for us. I’m not letting my 14 month-old anywhere near candy, so…..what do we give her?? Are you in this same conundrum? What exactly do you put in a baby’s Easter basket?? Here’s a simple list I’ve come up with that might give you a few helpful ideas:


Peter Rabbit Organics fruit and vegetable pouches. I love these because they provide the essential fruits and veggies baby needs, they’re chock full of vitamins, they’re all natural and organic, and they’re fun for the little one. Plus, I just love Peter Rabbit…reminds me of my great-grandmother’s stories.



Books. You can never go wrong with books. Cassidy has books for every season and holiday (mostly thanks to her Aunt CiCi!)! I found a cute little baby-sized Easter puffy book at Target today that we’ll put in her basket.


A cuddly stuffed animal. I found these at Pottery Barn Kids and thought they looked so sweet and soft! Perfect for the Easter basket!





A colorful hair bow or bow tie. Every little boy needs a sweet lil’ bow tie and every little girl needs a big ol’ hair bow on Easter Sunday! That’s just how it is! These both are found on Etsy.

Really, you don’t need a whole lot of things in their first Easter basket- just a few fun little items. I say you can’t go wrong with a book or two, some fruit pouches, and a stuffed animal. And maybe a cute little Springy outfit. And maaaaybe a pair of blue baby jellies. :)

I hope all you parents out there have as much fun as I did finding sweet tidbits for your little one’s Easter basket!


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