Stuff I Dig: January



L’oreal BB cream (the BB stands for ‘Beauty Balm’). My mom gave some to my sister and I at Christmas and we fell in love! Let me start by saying, I don’t wear foundation. I hate feeling like I’m wearing cake frosting on my face all day. Normally I only wear eye makeup and a little blush, but this stuff is different! It’s smooth and light like moisturizer, but it covers SO well! No more cake frosting! This stuff is great!


Just bought this dress (along with 2 others and a pair of rockin heels!) from It’s been 80 degrees here for the past two days (no joke!), so my mind has been filled with thoughts of lovely Spring weather, cookouts, sunshine, and pretty blue dresses!


I loooove my Kiehl’s hand lotion. Every winter, my hands and knuckles get so dry and cracked. This stuff is a miracle! It’s thick, but not greasy and keeps my hands so soft and moisturized. It’s a little pricey, but I’ve tried so many other brands of intense moisture lotions that don’t even come close to Kiehl’s. It’s worth every penny in my book.

plate_girl_body4 Awhile back, I saw this on pinterest and immediately pinned it for future reference. But I just kept thinking and thinking about it, and decided “meh-  future, shmuture!”, and bought a plate for Cassidy right then! I’m so happy I did, because it’s UH-DORABLE! (Cassidy’s looks just like the plate above, except with red hair) :)


Joel and I are in the process of building a play kitchen for Cassidy (omg, SO much fun!!), so naturally, we’ll need lots and lots of play food! This set is Melissa and Doug and I think it’s so cute! They also make a sushi kit that I think we’ll just have to have!


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