Tidbits Around Our House…

I know I promised pictures from our new house, but the truth is, I haven’t gotten all of them taken yet. I know. We’ve only lived here over 3 months already…how long does it take, Amy?! BUT, I do have pictures of some of my favorite parts of the house! Here they are (these were all taken with my iphone):

Up first, my plate wall! A few months before we moved, I started collecting cute decorative plates, because I knew I wanted a ‘plate wall’ in our breakfast area. I gathered them from all over- Target, HomeGoods, Pier 1, garage sales, and some of them belonged to my grandmother and great grandmothers. There’s definitely LOTS of colors going on here, but I really, really love it.

This is the entry hall. It was covered with dark, dated wallpaper (what a chore that was!), but we’ve always loved the beautiful wood floors. You’ve probably noticed by now, the entire house is painted gray. The color is Lowe’s Filtered Shade and I LOVE it. It’s very hard to find the perfect gray, but this one has the perfect amount of blue and beige. It goes beautifully with any color- yellow, pink, red, blue…you name it. I’m telling you, this is the perfect gray.

(Sorry about the pumpkins and candy corn…can you guess when this picture was taken??) This secretary desk was originally in my mother’s entry way. It had a medium-dark stain and was a little dull. She wanted to get rid of it and I jumped at it! I’ve really wanted a bright yellow piece of furniture, and I thought this would be the perfect piece for my entry hall. A quick coat of spray primer and 2 coats of yellow spray paint and BAM! A super cute, bright, and cheerful conversation piece for my entry hall!

And last, but certainly not least…drumroll…..my fireplace. This whole thing- the mantel, chimney, fireplace, hearth- none of it was there. My daddy, Grandaddy, and father-in-law built it for me. Our new house didn’t have a fireplace, and to me, that’s just not acceptable. I have to have a fireplace. How can you properly enjoy Christmas movies without one?! Anyway, a long time ago, my Grandaddy built this mantel for my mom. She used it for many years, then my sister used it in her house. Now it’s in my house. So daddy and Grandaddy built me the faux chimney and firebox, then my father-in-law tiled the hearth and the backsplash. I ordered a Dimplex electric fireplace insert, and we were in business. It looks like there was always a fireplace there! A drastic improvement over a big, bare wall, don’t ya think? The stripey chair came from Target. I love the pop of color it adds to the room!

So, those few little bits should tide you over until I can get the whole house photographed (and maybe I’ll get it together enough to use my good camera instead of crappy iphone pictures!).


    9 thoughts on “Tidbits Around Our House…

    1. Everything you showed is beautiful! It’s so lovely to see the care and attention to detail you give your home. You’ve given me inspiration for building a fireplace. We’ve been living here two years and I told my husband Christmas is not the same without a fireplace.

    2. Love the color! I’m getting a sample today! I can’t wait to see if it matches our other current color in the adjoining room. :) We also have a cherry-wood stained trim so I’m neevous about it matching that. I’ve been looking for a true grey for a while with too many that look blue.

    3. I have been reading your food blog for quite some time now…but for some reason missed the fact that you have this other AWESOME blog!!

      And then when I saw the plate wall….I MUST know! I MUST know how you hung them up. My Plate wall lasted a day and 4 broken plates later….cry!

      Please help!!!

      • Hi Tami! Sorry for the delay-
        I used the little plate wall hangers found at Walmart (or any hardware store). It’s a little 4-pronged frame that fits onto the back of the plate, then you just hang it on a nail in the wall. Very simple! I’ve never had any fall, either. Good luck!

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