A Christmas Recap…

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I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and spent lots of time with family and friends!! Our first Christmas with Cassidy was everything I hoped it would be- laid-back, yet exciting, fun-filled, and happy, happy, happy! Our little family of 3 (well, 4, counting Izzy! Can’t leave her out!) had such a magical Christmas morning and so many dear memories were made that Joel and I will always cherish.

Our Christmas Eve was spent with my family. I was asked to sing O Holy Night at our church’s candlelight service, and I’ll never forget looking out into the congregation and seeing my baby girl dance in her daddy’s arms as I sang. Joel and I were worried Cassidy would be super fussy on Christmas Eve staying up so late past her bedtime, but she was an absolute dream! She ate a huge dinner, played with her new toys on my parents’ living room floor, and didn’t fuss one bit.

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When we all got home (only 1 minute away, thanks to our recent move! Best idea ever!), Joel and I put Cassidy down and started our Christmas Eve tradition of opening our stockings. Joel is seriously amazing and always gets me cheese for my stocking! Best husband ever! This year he got me some from the famous Zingerman’s deli in Ann Arbor while he was on a recent business trip. OMG- BEST. CHEESE. EVER. Christmas=made!

Christmas morning was everything I had imagined. Cassidy slept all through the night (which she always does, but the last few nights had been very rough due to teething), so we all woke up refreshed and raring to go! She loved her baby doll and cupcake rattle from Santa, but I think she was most impressed with her mega blocks. We’ve already gotten quite a bit of play out of those. Santa brought Izzy a squeaky squirrel toy, which of course, didn’t last long. ;)

After we finished opening our presents at home, we drove over to Joel’s parents’ house and had Christmas brunch with them. More presents. More toys. More fun! Then we took our little family home and played and rested the rest of the day. I’m telling you- best Christmas ever. Seriously. I’ll never forget seeing the excitement on my baby’s face as she experienced her very first Christmas. Joel and I went to bed that night two very exhausted, but very, very happy and fulfilled parents.

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