11 Months…


Our little miss Cassidy is 11 months old…wow. Only one month left until she’s a year old. I can’t seem to wrap my brain around that one no matter how hard I try. Here are a few fun updates:


I got my first “baby kisses” the other day (you know, the adorable bumping-into-your-face-with-the-mouth-wide-open type of baby kisses. I thought my heart would burst!)!


We have curls! Cute, perky baby curls at the back of her head. And the face that they’re RED baby curls….well, it just makes it that much cuter.


Eating still continues to be a great success! Salmon, spaghetti, pulled pork, animal crackers, Thai food (yes, Thai food…as long as it has no heat whatsoever. She loved Pad Thai!), all kinds of fruits and vegetables…you name it! She prefers feeding herself, although sometimes she still lets me feed her, which I kind of love. :) Spaghetti continues to be her favorite, although she loves ditalini pasta tossed in pureed carrots. Mmm, tasty! ;)

She’s also learned how to drink from a straw. I know that one seems a little soon, but our doctor recommended it for her. She’s still not quite used to it, but she does love for me to give her drops of water with the tip of the straw.


Teething has been a roller coaster of emotions. We always know when she’s working on a tooth when we can’t get her to sleep to save our lives. No sleep plus a grumpy, uncomfortable baby definitely does NOT a happy mommy make. Oh well, it’s all part of it, and each time we just remind ourselves, “this too shall pass.”. And BOY, are those little chompers cute! (she has a total of 5 now)


And last but not least- she took her first steps last week! Joel and I were lucky enough to be right there for the action, as well as my parents! She’s been standing all on her own for a while now, so we’ve just been waiting for those first steps to follow. I’m sure she’ll be walking any day now!


This picture makes me look like an absolute idiot, but I just had to share it- my nephew just happened to have his camera at the ready just as Cassidy stood on her own for the first time a couple of weeks ago. What a moment!!


I can’t get over how fast this is all going and how BIG my baby girl is getting, but I absolutely love seeing what each phase brings! She’s an absolute joy to be around- funny, full of life (and energy!), with a mind of her own. There’s a bit of a red-headed temper there, too, but she is my child, after all. ;)

I’ve been planning her first birthday party and can’t wait to see it all take shape! This is the fun part! :)


    4 thoughts on “11 Months…

    1. Your little girl is so cute!! I wish you and your family the very best for this new year.
      P.S: I love your blog (the food one too) :)

    2. Wow a year old next month!! Time has flown and Cassidy is ever so precious! I’m so happy you were all there to her first steps! Many blessings for Cassidy and your wonderful family this year!

    3. She is so cute, my little one just turned 14 months – it goes by sooooo fast!!
      I’ve been such a fan of your food blog and glad I found this blog – I ordered the kleynimals for my little one for her stocking – they have been her favorite thing for christmas…

    4. I can’t believe it. Seriously, it feels like just yesterday we were meeting you guys for dinner when you were ready to have Cassidy any day. It’s crazy how much having a baby changes everything. They bring so much joy don’t they?! She looks so much like you, but that last photo reminds me of Joel.

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